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Shipping Info

Our estimated delivery date depends on several factors, including the destination address, the shipping method you choose, and the speed at which we assemble and prepare to ship the item. You can calculate the shipping estimate by calculating the order processing time and adding the shipping time based on the shipping method you selected.

For example, if you order a piece of clothing, it takes 3-7 working days of processing time.

Standard transportation (10-25 working days). US $ 4.99
VIP Shipping (8-20 working days). US $ 8.99

In most countries, our customers do not have to pay import fees, customs duties or value added tax (VAT). However, for some limited countries (especially for some European countries, such as Germany, Italy, the United Kingdom, etc.), you may need to pay customs duties or VAT according to the collection rules in your country.

We are happy to provide international transportation to most destinations in the world. If you have further questions, please contact our customer service at